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teacup yorkie puppyteacup yorkie puppyteacup yorkie puppyteacup yorkie puppyteacup yorkie puppy
Submitted: 04/17/12

Hi Puppyland,

I can't believe it's been over a year already but we just wanted to send you updated pictures of our Boo! She's a bit over 1 now and she is so beautiful (and smart!). She has brought us and our family a lot of happiness... she's definitely the love of our lives. Thank you for giving us such a wonderful pup!

Lucy + Timmy




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 11/18/11

Name of sender: Michelle
Email of sender: Michelle@mc_____.com
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Hi Puppy Land~

I realized it was a year ago I bought Ripley at Puppy Land. Wanted to send a little progress report.

She goes to work with me, has traveled on planes to different states. Makes friends with everyone she meets. Loves to be outside running with other dogs no matter what their size. Playing fetch with her ball or rolling in the grass. Her favorite movie is The Proposal with Sandra Bullock (really when the dog and bird scene comes on Ripley stops and watches every time.)

Ripley has the sweetest face, the kindest disposition, is healthy, happy and I wouldn't trade her for anything in the world.

Thank you again for my sweet sweet Ripley!






Submitted: 09/11/11

I came to PuppyLand about 2 months ago looking for a new companion. As soon as I walked in I fell in loved with Mochi, he was only 8 weeks old and still really shy. Dean answered all my questions, made sure I was a good fit for the puppy and gave me tips on making sure Mochi would feel comfortable in his new home. He also made sure to explain me how to feed him and give him nutritional supplements so he grows strong.

adriana q.




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 07/07/11

Name of sender: Pang & Kee - From Sacramento
Email of sender: leena.moua@__.com
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Hi Dean! I hope you guys remember us.. We're the couple from Sacramento that came there about 8 months ago. I just wanted to update you guys of pictures of Gizmo. He's doing very well and he is very very playful and smart. I also needed to ask you if we should still give him his Nutri-Cal? He's about 11 months now. Again, I thank you for this wonderful gift.



teacup yorkie
Submitted: 06/12/11

Name of sender: Michelle
Email of sender: Michelle@_____.com
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Hi Dean and all at Puppyland~

Last year around Thanksgiving I walked into your store with no intention of getting a dog. Drove by saw the sign and thought it would be fun to pet a puppy. LIttle did I know that the sweetest the little dog would choose me to be her mom.

Ripley is a the greatest!! So smart, loving, cute and an all around delight!

Thank you so much for the best dog ever!






maltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppy
Submitted: 06/06/11

Dear Puppyland,

I bought my little puppy here about 10-11 months ago. The staff at Puppyland is amazing. Everyone was very accommodating (we made about three trips until we finally decided to buy the puppy) and was extremely helpful in providing useful information about bringing home a new puppy, training, and just about the breed itself. These are very honest people and I highly recommend buying a puppy from them. As promised, my puppy grew to be about 5 pound. I also love the owner of the shop, she is very very sweet and she makes sure you and your new puppy are taken care of.

Thank you so much for all your help, and grooming my dog so that she looks super cute! Momo turned out to be a wonderful companion and a joy to have :) Attached are some pictures of my baby dog.


Sylvia Y.





maltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppy
Submitted: 06/01/11

Name of sender: my nguyen
Email of sender: ayeittszmimi@_____.com
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Hello, i got my maltese 2 days ago. I love it so much. i name her Eleanor. She is very playful she only 2 months old but she already know where dog patch is. But like every other new puppy, she cried and wanting to sleep next to me. But overall, puppylandla is a very nice place and great customer service if you are looking for puppy!



teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 04/20/11

Dear Puppyland,
My husband and I want to thank you for our little puppy Miko. He's so full of energy and he never seize to amaze us. The second I took him home, he knew it was his home too. He didn't skip a beat and adjusted right away to his new surroundings. He is a perfectly healthy dog and loves to eat, and is very quick to train. The absolute plus is that he doesn't like to bark or cry much, which benefits us and the neighbors with the minimal noise. At 20 wks old he's already fully grown at 6.7lbs. For such a little dog it's hilarious that he thinks he's a big dog and surprisingly doesn't like to play with other dogs; only with humans and a kitten that is also in our household. Here are a few pictures of our little baby. We've already referred a few people to your store and website and we as well will be back soon to add a new playmate for our little Miko.

Thanks again Puppyland and Dean for everything!!!

- Lo and Carlos Z.



teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 04/13/11

Dear Dean,

We just wanted to update you on our baby Boo. We were going to wait until she was a bit more grown up, but we really wanted to write a recommendation so that everybody will know why Puppyland is the best place to find the perfect puppy. Puppyland exceeded our expectations... Thank you so much for your wonderful service and help. We also wanted to thank you and your family for taking care of Boo while she was having the sniffles =) You have been so nice and patient with us ... I know that we had many questions to ask but you never hesitated to answer them. Boo is such a happy, smart, and healthy puppy...... and also easy to potty train! We love her so much. Going to Puppyland always makes us happy and we'll be bringing Boo back for all her grooming and supplies. We will highly recommend anyone looking for a good, knowledgeable breeder to go to Puppyland... Many many thanks and we'll be writing again to send you more pics of Boo once she's all grown up!

Lucy + Timmy




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 03/23/11

I wanted to send an update on my Yorkie named Chip. He was a surprise gift from my boyfriend for Valentines Day and I have to say he is the best gift I have ever received. He is so small and gets along great with other family dogs. He is now 3 months and is almost 3pounds. I wanted to thank puppyland because they are always there when I have questions I would definitely buy another puppy from this place. Just wanted to say thanks for all your help and giving me a great puppy who I love so much.




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 03/09/11

Thanks to Puppyland we have the cutest and sweetest little guy. He is an amazing dog.
He is full grown now at only 4.5 pounds!! He is all fur and his coat is beautiful!! His personality is one of a kind.
When he is excited and ready to play he kicks his legs back like a bull ready to charge!! and he loves to turn his head when you are talking to him!
Our whole family is in love and would recommend anyone looking for a cute Yorkie to Puppyland!!
Thank you!!
Stearns Family




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 02/20/11
Thank u so much for my Baby!!!
I'm inlove



teacup malteseteacup malteseteacup maltese
Submitted: 01/27/11
Name of sender: Lillian R.
Email of sender: lilli_____@aol.com
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I just wanted to say how thrilled we are with our precious little Maltese whom we named Fred! I bought him just over two weeks ago and he's absolutely beautiful and a perfect addition to our family. He's healthy, happy, has a great fun personality and is very smart. Dean was wonderful with his great advice on how to care for him and was there should I have any questions. I highly recommend Puppyland. Thanks again for all your help and most especially for bringing us our sweet little bundle of light and joy.
We have tons of pictures I would love to share.

Thanks again





teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 01/23/11
Hey, just wanted to shoot you pictures from Bowser's first day. We'll update when he gets older/bigger. Thanks for all your help! I'm sure you'll be seeing us regularly for pee pad/food refills.




maltipoo puppymaltipoo puppymaltipoo puppymaltipoo puppy
Submitted: 12/26/10

Name of sender: Simona
Email of sender: spat_____@yahoo.com
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Dear Puppyland,
thank you so much for our healthy and smart puppy maltipoo.He arrived to our home partially potty trained and after only a week he already knew his way to the potty.I want to thank you for all the help, tips and directions on how to housebreak him.
Following your advice has made our relationship with the new puppy a great one.
Happy Holidays from all of us.




maltese puppymaltese puppy
Submitted: 12/05/10

Name of sender: Maria C.
Email of sender: cam____@gmail.com
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I purchased a Maltese 7 months ago..He has being a joy to have. And the best part is that every time I have a question Dean always has the answer..thanks. I highly recommend Puppyland when looking for that lovable puppy!!





yorkie puppyyorkie puppy
Submitted: 12/04/10

Hi Dean,
 I just wanted to give you a little update on our puppy Roxi.. She turned 1 years old at the beginning of November and holds up to her name very well (Terrior). She definatly has multiple personalities as she is crazy and sweet, but we love her. We have actually been in training classes with her for the past 6 months and they are going pretty well, other than the fact that she hates the trainer and growls and trys to bit her everytime she comes close. The good thing, is that it's basically a train the trainer class, so I have been doing most of the training.


Brad R B.
PS: I have attached a picture of her beginners training graduation. As you can see, she turned all gray.. Crazy how just a year ago she was completly brown and black. I would have never guessed she would be this color.





teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 12/01/10

Name of sender: Pang & Kay - From Sacramento
Email of sender: leena_____@yahoo.com
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We came from Sacramento to LA driving 5 hours with an intent to buy from another seller who absolutely sold us out when we arrived. We were disappointed and hopeless believing we driven so many hours for nothing. However I remembered seeing your website during my research because your site gave me a lot of information about the kind of breed I was looking for so we decided to stop by in hopes of finding the perfect pup and sure enough you guys gave me the best birthday gift this year, my little pup Gizmo! He has such a cute independent personality. He’s very loving and always tries to be the toughest little one pounder ever! He’s also potty trained quite well thanks to your methods and he’s very attentive. And Dean… Thank you and your mom for understanding our situation and for your guidance through our experience of being first time pet owners. It’s nice to know we can call you guys anytime with our concerns. And I really appreciate knowing there are people out there who really cares and are not out to scam others. Thank you again. We will send you pictures as he grows. J I will highly recommend you guys to all who are looking for a perfect pup!!





teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 11/17/10

We LOVE  you PuppylandLA. We are first time pet-owners and seriously could not have asked for a more wonderful place to easy our transition into owning our little loved one, the part of the family that was missing until now. Koochooloo has become the center of our joy and love and we cherish her so dearly and we owe it all to puppyland for helping us keep her a playful, happy and content dog. Just knowing you guys provide someone to call 24 hours a day in case she gets sick or something or for any questions we have is such a relief. You have really brightened up our lives. We could not have asked for a place with more information and knowledge than you have provided (thank you for everything Dean!!!!). You have provided us with so much and more including the comfort of knowing you have the dog's best interest at heart and that means a lot. THANKS PUPPYLAND!! YOU ARE THE REALLY BEST OF THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Afsi and Roxanne





teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 11/16/10
Name of sender: Jessica K.
Email of sender: jessicak_____@gmail.com
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This place is amazing. They tuely care about the best intrest of the puppies that the sell. They want nothing but the best for them. The worker is so nice and really works with you to make sure both you and the puppy is happy. Couldnt ask for a better place to get my new Yorkie puppy , Bentley.





maltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppy
Submitted: 11/11/10

Name of sender: Patricia
Email of sender: patriciaholz____@hotmail.com
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We bought our Maltese from Puppyland 2 years ago. He is the cutest, sweetest dog you'll ever find. I wanted to wait with the review to make sure I know exactly if this is really a great dog- not just a cute puppy. And YES, he is the perfect dog. He is so loveable. He only barks when someone approaches the house. He loves to snuggle and to play. All the kids in the nieghborhood go crazy when we take him outside. He loves to go on walks or play in the back yard. We couldn't be happier. The experience in the store was great, since this is our first dog we needed a lot of advice and Dean was very helpful.....





teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 10/30/10
Hello Dean,
I purchased a beautiful Yorkie from you on March 2010 that we named "Precious". I fell in LOVE with her when I first seen her at your shop. I just couldn't wait to get her home with me that day. I want to thank you for your help and for being very patient with all of the questions I had asked. She's 10 1/2 months now and she is healthy, beautiful coat, very friendly and playful. She means a lot to me and my family. The experience I had when my husband and I purchased my baby Precious at your shop was very enjoyable. I highly recommend anyone who wants a healthy and beautiful puppy to purchase one at your shop "PUPPYLAND". We are so happy with our "BEAUTIFUL PRECIOUS" that we're even thinking about adding another doggy member to our family. See you soon Dean and thank you very much once again for everything.

A very happy Yorkie mommy customer,
Veronica P.





yorkie puppyyorkie puppyyorkie puppy
Submitted: 10/22/10
Name of sender: J
Email of sender: j_____yi@gmail.com
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After a ton of research for a Yorkie puppy, I decided to adopt at PuppyLandLA. EVERY review of this place was extremely positive from Yelp to Yellowpages and of course the testimonials on its site. One other thing that sets this place apart from the several pet shops in LA (Ktown) is that they breed their puppies on a huge ranch--guarantee that the puppies don't come from a puppy mill.

I picked up Beanie about a month ago and everything's been great. I had a vet check her out, and she's healthy! She was potty trained in less than a day as she was already used to being in a playpen (at the shop, the sleeping and potty areas are separated...just make sure you pick up a potty pad). The best thing is, she never barks while we're sleeping or while we're away--neighbors don't hear a thing! You can tell she's already been socialized as she's always friendly to guests.

I had to call Dean a couple of times with general questions--he offers 24 hr customer service btw--and he's extremely knowledgeable and always helpful. If you're in the market for a puppy, I highly recommend that you visit PuppyLand and meet the owners. Dean and his mom are genuinely nice and helpful--oh and they know all there is to know about raising a new puppy.





teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkieyorkie puppy
Submitted: 09/26/10

Name of sender: Brad
Email of sender: bradleyv_____@yahoo.com
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Puppy Land Los Angeles always give excellent advice when purchasing a new puppy.  Dean and his family do a great job educating the customer to have a healthy, happy dog.

Bleu is 7 months now and a little over 4 pounds .  She is the bratty , younger sister of two French Bulldogs Maddy and Brando .  Bleu rules the roost at her home in Santa Monica .





yorkie puppy teacupteacup yorkie puppypuppy teacup yorkie
Submitted: 09/20/10

Name of sender: The Cheng Family
Email of sender: barbara______@yahoo.com
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Hi Dean,

Just wanted to drop in to let you know that our baby Mochi is doing very well. It’s hard to believe we only got her a month ago from you and she’s already a well established member of our family.  Our baby is 3 months old. Your pee pee pad training system has worked like a charm and she was pretty much house broken within a few days. She has such a great personality and she is so smart! She has already learned a lot of commands (sit, come, down, shake, stand, roll over, spin, crate - goes to her crate, pee pee on the pad on command - when it looks like she needs to go, etc...) and she knows how to interact differently with each member of our family.

Dean, we want to thank you and your mom for all the support (and numerous phone calls). It is very obvious that you care very much for these puppies. Mochi has brought us so much joy and we’re so glad she’s a part of our family now, and we have you to thank for that! We have not hesitated in mentioning your name for everyone that has inquired where we got our adorable baby.

Thanks again!!!!

Connor, Ryan, Barbara, and David C.





teacup yorkie puppy
Submitted: 09/16/10
Hi Dean
Tink is 3 years old now. Here is her latest picture. We love her sooo much. Just thought u wanted to see our baby all grown up! She is still SPOILED ROTTEN...but also sweet, gentle and well behaved we couldn't have asked for anything more.

Best Wishes,



teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 08/05/10
Hi Dean, 
Joey had his first vet visit this morning and it went very well! The vet thought he was the cutest little guy and told me that he is healthy.  He said Yorkshire terriers tend to to have knee problems, but Joey's knees seem just fine.  Here are a few pictures of my little boy.  

Hope all is well and thank you for my healthy puppy!





teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 06/21/10

Name of sender: Lili
Email of sender: li___@hotmail.com
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THANK YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH......DEAN.  I love Ryan & the new edition, Starla.....they are my little babies!!!!

Ryan is a cutie pup! Starla is the star of Los Angeles!  These two are going to be so happy together side-by-side in my life.  I am really glad that you were able to guide me through the whole process of taking wonderful care of two gorgeous Yorkies!

I thank you Dean!  See you soon and will refer all customers who want gorgeous Yorkys your way!


Lili L !



Submitted:  04/11/10
Name of sender: Gaby
Email of sender: cocin_____@hotmail.com
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We got Sophie our sweet little Shih Tzu about 3 weeks ago from you guys. She has turned out to be the greatest little puppy --she was housebroken about a week after we got her and we have you to thank for starting her on the pee pee pads.  I would like to send you a picture of her.  All of the people I show her to think she is a doll. Her markings are beautiful and she is a healthy puppy. Can't wait till she gets her last round of shots to take her out on walks. Thanks again. Gaby




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Submitted: 04/11/10

Name of sender: Denny & Grace
Email of sender: grace.______@gmail.com
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Hi Dean,

We just wanted to say thank you for teaching us what it takes to be great puppy parents to our lil Cooper. Your support has been so helpful. We would definitely recommend Puppyland as a THE place to find the perfect adorable puppy. We love Cooper so much and are so happy with our decision to get him from Puppyland. ^_^



Submitted:  03/14/10
Name of sender: LeTIsha G.
Email of sender: letishag_____@yahoo.com
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My boyfriend brought me the dog of my dreams from PuppyLandLA on Valentine's Day.  I had found PuppyLandLA.com from a lady that I saw walking her yorkie and thought it had to have been the cutest Yorkie I had ever seen, until I met Lola! Now everyone that has met Lola says she's the cutest puppy they've ever seen. Lola was healthy and in good spirits when she came home and she was already on her way to being potty trained. Dean told us we could call him 24X7 if we had any problems and we felt like he really took care of us.  I would recommend PuppyLandLA and Dean to anyone that is considering a new puppy. 



Submitted:  03/04/10
Name of sender: Heather B.
Email of sender: heather_______@yahoo.com
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Hi Puppyland :) I adopted a male and female yorkie from you around March of 2007. I named the girl Hayley & the boy Harley. They are the most adorable dogs I have ever seen and have brought pure love, joy and happiness into our home! I love them both very much! I was very happy with the process in purchasing both of my yorkies. You guys were very friendly, helpful and didn't try rushing me into doing anything I wasn't comfortable with. I recommend pupplyland to everyone I know! The service is absolutely wonderful and the guy that helped us, Dean, was extremely nice & helpful :) Thank you soooo much for everything! Hayley and Harley have become part of our family and without them it would not be complete.

Heather B.



Submitted:  01/24/10
Name of sender:  Marco
Email of sender:  marco____@aol.com
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We were looking for a Yorkie as a Christmas gift to my daughter Jenny. After looking at several breeders we decided to go with PuppyLand. I’m happy to say that going to PuupyLand was the best decision we made, Dean and Sugy were very friendly and knowledgeable about the dogs they bread. Dean and Sugy have also being there every step of the way for us. I would also like to thank Dean and his Mom for all the support they have given us with our new puppy. Thank you PuppyLand.





teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Picture Submitted:  12/24/09
Review Submitted:  12/24/09

Name of sender:  Parisa B.
Email of sender:  fires_____@yahoo.com
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Thanks Dean. Here is a picture of Rocky, our baby. As you can see, he is the most beautiful puppy in the whole wide world. Honestly, we can't thank you enough for bringing him into this world. I was at Rite-Aid the other day with Rocky and people just flock to us and ask us where we got him. I must have sent 100 people to you. In fact Zahra and Kiarash bought Mocha from you a few months ago and just love him. I advertise for you like you wouldn't believe - because I'm just so grateful for Rocky.  Anyway, thanks for your reply to my email and let me know if there is anywhere else that you can recommend that has a 1-2 year old Yorkie that we can get as a friend for Rocky. Is the picture of Rocky going up on your website?
Thanks Dean and Happy Holidays!!



Review Submitted:  12/20/09
Name of sender:  Dan C.
Email of sender:  dan_______@sbcglobal.net
These folks are GREAT. Dean takes extra time to ensure you have the best support and care for your puppy. His store is CLEAN and professional. A must for anybody seeking a great puppy and quality support.




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 12/03/09
Picture Submitted: 12/03/09

Name of sender: Natalie P.
Email of sender: nataliep____@yahoo.com
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I got my adorable yorkie, ZOE here a few weeks ago. I absolutely love her. She is so sweet and it is true what Dean says. She knows when to go to the bathroom on her pad or she goes to the door so we know. She sleeps all through the night without crying and is so loving. I get so many people asking where I got her because she is just the cutest, nicest thing. Thank you so much!




Review Submitted: 11/28/09
Name of sender: Leonid O.
Email of sender: lo____@yahoo.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I was looking for a Yorkie for my wife's birthday. I was frightened with the horror stories of "puppy farms" were you dogs are over breed and raised in horrible conditions.

We researched the subject and visited several places. We came with prepared test questions.

Dean of puppyLandLA impressed me as a genuine person, who was prepared to take us on the tour of the ranch were their puppies born and raised. At the end of our conversation I was convinced that we came to the right place.

It was self-evident that the puppies they have had extensive contact with people and were not kept in the dirty cages until ready to be sold.

He spent plenty of time giving us useful information. To my surprise he offered being available for emergency questions at any time, including night hours.
Indeed, when our new puppy swallowed ear-bud from my earphones, he gave us and reassured us that most likely it will not be a problem and gave us specific instructions and symptoms that would warrant an expensive vet intervention.

I highly recommend this friendly family run place.
Leonid O.

Hermosa Beach, CA




Review Submitted: 11/23/09
Name of sender: Marcia P.
Email of sender: mdp____@lasd.org
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I just purchased a gorgeous little male Terrier and he is the most beautiful puppy in the world. I was so happy with the informatio on how to take care of my puppy from Dean and his wife, I was nervous on how to take care of a tiny puppy. I will certainly purchase a female from them real soon. They just dont sell puppies they also make sure that the home that the puppies are going to is a loving home and that they will be taken care of. My baby is very healthy and happy, he loves to play.

thank you once again...




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 11/20/09
Picture Submitted: 11/20/09

Name of sender: Christy
Email of sender: christy_____951@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hello -
We bought our first puppy at Puppyland last week and named her Madison - aka "Madi". We adore her! She's been very good, no crying or excessive barking, just biting! :) The playpen setup is perfect for her.

I wanted to thank Dean & Sugy for being very supportive and answering all my emails and questions. Puppyland really does offer the support that they claim on their website! Before we bought Madi, I had drove down two weeks prior. I did not buy a puppy that day but I did spend two hours at the shop and they answered my many questions and did not make me feel like I was obligated to walk away with a puppy. Because I trusted them and saw such great reviews, I went back and got Madi. I would highly recommend Puppyland. Thank you for everything!

Christy & Family




Review Submitted: 11/17/09
Name of sender: Joana M.
Email of sender: popthe_____@hotmail.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
My expierence at Puppy Land in L.A. was one that i will never forget. The employee that helped my mother and I, was very nice and helpful. I couldn't thank him enough for giving us the knowledge we needed to know to take care and home our new miracle so we could join her to our family. Thank you all so much for everything and I'll be sure to talk to you guys soon! Have a good thanksgiving!




Review Submitted: 10/24/09
Name of sender: Jung H.
Email of sender: jsha___@hotmail.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Dear Dean,

We bought Yorki this afternoon ,10-24-09 male 3 months old. From Santa Barbara? Remember us?

WE got home safely and he(My two daughters haven't named him yet and now we just call him "Junior"). He seems very comfy at home and my kids are soooooo happy.

Thanks for your help and keep in touch - Alix,younger daugther, has a tons of Qs to you ^^.

Jung H.




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 10/09/09
Picture Submitted: 10/09/09

My boyfriend just bought me a precious Yorkie from puppyland.  I love dogs, i have 2 that are adopted but I have always wanted a Yorkie. We searched for a while before finding a breeder  that was ethical and that knew what they where doing. Dean was excellent in explaining to us about the Yorkshire breed. He is very knowledgeable and patient (for 3 weeks it became my favorite hangout place ;)

The place is clean but most importantly the puppies are treated well and you could see it in their behavior. They are weened from their mothers which is excellent, my puppy sleeps throughout the entire  night which is amazing!!!  During our research we sadly came across some pet shops where we saw the poor pups super anxious, it was very depressing. At puppyland you get a totally different experience, they have a ranch where they breed their own dogs.

Getting a dog is an important decision you are not buying a stuff animal, they are delicate and require a lot of time and love,  if you buy from them you are off to a great start.



Review Submitted: 09/13/09
Name of sender: Stephanie C.
Email of sender: stephanie____@yahoo.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I would just like to say thank you to Dean.  Even though me and my mom didn't buy our puppy from you, you still help us out when we need it & thanks.  It really means a lot to us that you care and that's why we take our puppy to get groomed by you guys!  The first time experience was great and we're definitely going back.




teacup maltese
Review Submitted: 09/13/09
Picture Submitted: 09/13/09

Name of sender: Holly S.
Email of sender: Fields____@aol.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
     I bought my wonderful Maltese Izzy from Puppy Land who is my life! They were so honest about what size she would be and her temperament. It wasn`t like most places where they are desperate to just sell you a dog and will tell you anything. Puppy Land really cares and are honest. They knew how each puppy would turn out personality wise and they were right. My other 2 dogs were bought through breeders and they both were not right about their sizes. My one dog I was told would be 3 pounds. She`s now 9 pounds and still growing. My puppy from Puppy land is 4 pounds, just like I was told she would be and the best dog ever. You can tell they gave her a lot of love from day on. They also let the puppies play in big, bright pins and the dogs are so happy there. That makes a huge difference. I`m now getting a Yorkie from them as well. Thank you guys over at Puppy Land!!!
 Holly S.




maltese puppymaltese puppymaltese puppy
Review Submitted: 07/29/09
Picture Submitted: 07/29/09
Name of sender: Jimmy H.
Email of sender: gymc____@yahoo.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
This is my second experience with Dean at puppyland. My friend bought a puppy from him a couple of years ago and she was so happy with her dog and the excellent service they provide there, I had to go back when I was ready for a second dog.

Dean goes above and beyond any regular pet store in explaining how to care for your new puppy. He's very knowledgeable about these small dogs so listen to him carefully when he gives you instructions - he definitely knows what he's talking about.

I got my first dog from a different pet store and they did not provide anywhere close to the same service that puppyland provides. Puppyland dogs are all well fed, taken care of and very happy!

If you're having doubts about where to go for a puppy, I highly recommend puppyland!




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Picture Update: 06/22/09
Review Submitted: 10/08/08
Picture Submitted: 10/08/08
Hi Charles,
We wanted to thank you for all your help you and your aunt gave us during a very rough time in our lives with my father passing. We were so happy when we picked out Lola and even more excited to be able to get Maxi as a companion for Lola. They are such wonderful puppies and make us smile every day! We were so amazed at how well they were potty trained when we picked them up and they are learning to sit and come very quickly. We would recommend Puppy Land to anyone looking for a beautiful little puppy or puppies like ours! I've attached some pictures of the girls all dressed up :-) They will be seeing you soon for their first grooming!

Thanks again for all your help and support,
Aysha and Charles




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 06/09/09
I wanted to take this opportunity to say a special thank you to Charles. I recently purchased a puppy from Puppyland- and she is AWESOME! "Stella" is happy, playful and soooo smart. I credit Charles and his staff for that. It took me SEVERAL trips to Puppyland to make my final decision. Each time- I was always welcomed and I never felt pushed into a purchase. It was very apparent that the people at Puppyland knew what they were doing and wanted their dogs to go to the right homes. I was also very impressed with how well Charles knew each puppy and their individual personalites- so that he could make sure each dog was the right fit with the customer. Honestly, without Charles and his patience, expertise and input, I would not have this adorable puppy sitting on my lap right now. I couldn't have asked for a better dog.


teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Picture Update: 05/27/09
Review Submitted: 10/22/07
Name of sender: Helen M.
Email of sender: k_____chic__@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean,

Here's my (belated) testimonial.

I would highly recommend Puppyland LA for the place to buy your teacup puppy. This was my first puppy purchase and Dean was very thorough and patient when answering all of my *many* questions. He made sure I had everything I needed to set up a puppy friendly home and also made sure that I had the instructions to take care of my teacup maltese.

Some places sell you a pup and never care what happens after a sale but Puppyland LA's 24-hour emergency line is a true testament that their pups and clients truly matter. I called at midnight one night because my maltese, Abby, picked up a piece of chocolate I accidentally dropped on the floor. She was acting very erratic and since she was only 1 ½ lbs, I was worried she would die from chocolate poisoning. Dean calmed me down and assured me that if she wasn't feeling better the next morning, we'd take her in to their vet. Luckily, she slept it off and was fine the next day but I was grateful Puppyland LA was there because I had no idea what to do!

I bring Abby in to their store for grooming because I don't trust anyone else with her. Dean and his entire family are very friendly, welcoming and warm. Whenever I come, they remember Abby and treat her like one of their own. You hear so many awful stories about pet stores that could care less about their animals. It's so nice to buy a puppy from a pet store that actually cares!



Review Submitted: 04/29/09
Name of sender: Alexa G.
Email of sender: giuff100@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I have never been happier since the day I went to Puppyland and bought my Yorkie Mali-boo! Charles was the most helpful person in the entire world. As a first time buyer, I was unsure of what items I would need, and tips I should know, and Charles kindly informed me above and beyond of what I needed to know. I got my puppy for an unbelievable price and was so grateful when I went to the vet and they said he was in EXCELLENT health and extremely up to date with his shots. When my puppy seemed a little sick, I called Charles and he immediately helped me with every step of the way; curing my puppy instantly! I am so in love with Puppyland and HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend anyone one is considering buying a puppy to go no where but Puppyland!! They take such great care of all their puppies and only wants what's best for the puppy! Such an incredible service, I am so grateful to have found such a respectable store.
I will send pics soon!!!

Thanks again for my little ball of joy!




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Picture Update: 03/24/09
Review Submitted: 09/06/07

Name of sender: sherry w.
Email of sender: jjplumbing_____@____.net
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi dean,

Just want to let you no my son ryan loves
his yorshire terrier who is 8 months nowand
he name him snoppy i would like to tell
everyone they should get a puppy from
puppyland there the best. They take real
good care of the puppies, and groom them
very well.





teacup yorkie
Picture Update: 02/17/09
Review Submitted: 08/26/07

Name of sender: Diana C.
Email of sender: Diana___@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean,
I bought yorkie #2 from you and we think she's wonderful. Like you said, she's pee pee pad trained so that's been a tremendous help. We adore her very much. Thanks for everything!



Review Submitted: 02/10/09
Name of sender: Elicia
Email of sender: coconut_blue_island@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

I just wanted to thank you again for our little guy. We originally contacted you after we brought him home because a vet was telling us he had issues with his knees. Come to find out, we took him to another vet and he is fine. Very strange.
Anyway, it's been a year and a half and he is now 2 yrs. old and a joy!

We may be looking for a sister or brother for him to keep him company, and to play with soon and will definitely be coming back to you! I love that you have pictures up of the puppy ranch - that is great! =)

Thank you,



Review Submitted: 02/09/09
Name of sender: Julian & Ruth
Email of sender: ruth.nacar@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
We adopted our yorkie puppy at puppyland a weeks ago, and we couldn't be anymore happy with our new bundle of joy. We named him Moxie, which means "exuding energy and confidence." From the moment we walked into PuppylandLA, we new that Moxie would be our new puppy. As first time puppy owners, Julian and I were glad to have found a place that seemed to treat their puppies with such care. Moxie has been great, and has adapted so well to his new surroundings. We were pleasantly surprised that he sleeps through the night, and is not scared of anything, not even the washing machine! We would like to give a special thanks to Charles during the "adoption" process. Not only did he work well with us, but he gave us a great price, and encouraged us to come back so that Moxie could play with the other puppies. We could tell that Puppyland truly cares about their puppies and the forever homes that they go to. Thank you again Charles, for all your help. We will see you guys soon!


Ruth, Julian & Moxie =)

P.S. Moxie pictures to come!



Review Submitted: 02/09/09
Name of sender: Kelly S.
Email of sender: Kelly2463031@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

I bought a yorkie puppy from you last week. I just wanted to let you know everything went good at the vet. She has a great personality and is doing well! She's not potty trained but in the week I've had her she's already learning and goes outside most of the time. At night she goes in her crate without being asked and it seems she enjoys it there. I just wanted to let you know I am a very happy customer and if I get another puppy it will be from you. Thank you so much for all your help and knowledge.
Kelly S.




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 02/01/09
Picture Submitted: 02/01/09

Name of sender: Janise Q.
Email of sender: liljangurl214@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I just wanted to drop by and say how happy i am with my puppy, Yogi. This is my first time ever having a puppy, but thanks to Puppyland, i found the perfect yorkie. We bought him in December and when we went to the vet, they said he was in awesome condition and since then he's grown almost 1 and a half pounds! He's the cutest and craziest little puppy i've ever seen! He loves running around the house and licking everyone near him. Thank you again for being so patience with me and my dad during the first week of consistent calling!

Janise && Yogi



Review Submitted: 01/30/09
Name of sender: june
Email of sender: juney_bug@____.net
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I Love my Yorkie sooooooooooooo much!!!! Harley fits in with our family perfectly. The day we brought him home he was for the most part potty trained! Also if you throw a toy he will fetch it and bring it back to you!Where did he learn that from?=) We were really shocked!! He is so playful and loving!! And healthy!! The vet said he was perfect!! I would definately buy another puppy from you again! Thanks Charles!! My friend also bought a puppy the same day and shes very happy also!! =)




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 01/16/09
Picture Submitted: 02/11/09

Name of sender: Marvin
Email of sender: mleckuthai@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Dear Charles,

I just wanted to thank you again for all the help and patience you showed with me and my mom when choosing our yorkie. You have so many wonderful puppies to choose from it was difficult enough to pick just one! After having visited Puppyland in person because of their amazing site and wonderful reviews, I can honestly say that Charles went above and beyond my expectations of any store employee I have ever met, and it also showed when saw all the puppies were exceptionally well taken care of and happy. Thank you again and I hope this testimonial helps anyone else who is thinking of purchasing a puppy from Puppyland like I did.



teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Picture Submitted: 01/08/09
Hey Charles,
Happy New Years. Here are a few pictures of Enzo. He's having fun and growing. We will bring him by for grooming and hanging out with his brothers and sisters.
Marlon and Neva



Review Submitted: 12/26/08
Name of sender: Christine
Email of sender: christine_____@yahoo.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I bought a maltese from Puppyland in September. Brody is a very well socialized and sweet puppy. I'm sure it had something to do with the wonderful workers at Puppyland. They were great!



teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 12/09/08
Picture Submitted: 12/09/08

Name of sender: Jane K.
Email of sender: jk043@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
My boyfriend and I drove from Arizona to get this Yorkie puppy, and I have to admit that she is the cutest puppy I have ever had and even at 6 months she is even cuter and has such a vibrant personality that any dog lover would fall in love with!! We are so pleased to have purchased our Yorkie from Dean at Puppyland!!  Thanks!!




Review Submitted: 11/20/08
Picture Submitted: 11/20/08

Name of sender: Zoie C.
Email of sender: giggleyface@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi, I'm Zoie Calizo,
When my mommy and daddy came to pick me up, I was only two months old and weighed just under two pounds.  When I got to my new home, I was a little scared, but mommy and daddy comforted me.  They had many surprises waiting for me...My own bed, many toys and a beautiful wardrobe. That night my parents took me to my new doctor and he told them that I was in perfect health. Everyday is filled with love and I go everywhere with my mommy and daddy.  I now weigh three and a half pounds and my mommy says that I'm a little piggy.  I am so happy that my mommy and daddy found Puppyland LA.  Puppyland LA took great care of me and then found the perfect parents to adopt me.  Mom and Dad recently took me to visit Puppyland LA and my Uncle Charles.  I will be coming back here for my first haircut in a couple of weeks.  I am the luckiest puppy in the world.

Much love,
Zoie Calizo



Review Submitted: 10/26/08
Name of sender: Frank V.
Email of sender: vfrank11@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
great pup, very great place to go they will take care of you took girlfriend and fell in love with the puppy she got great selection of pups recommend this place very nice people to deal with thanks alot for everything




teacup malteseteacup malteseteacup maltese
Review Submitted: 10/19/08
Picture Submitted: 10/19/08

Name of sender: Marina & Moe
Email of sender: mazaran@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Dear PuppyLandLa Family!

Just dropping by to extend our gratitude and appreciation for your great customer (not to mention puppy)care. Also our number 1 concern during our petsop search was to find a place that truly raised happy & affectionate puppies. We can definitely testify that your store met and exceeded our strandards. So thank you for exceptional service an support you've provided for us and our cute little Bisou!

Much Love,
Marina & Moe




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 10/10/08
Picture Submitted: 11/10/08

Name of sender: DOM A.
Email of sender: domoayer80@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
GREAT SERVICE! GREAT PEOPLE! You can never go wrong with Puppy Land. The service, the professional advice, the care they give their pets are all top of the line. We got our new Yorkie and they gave us point by point tips on how to get started, and for new pet owners that is a MUST. You would LOVE their pets, you would LOVE the people, HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION!!!




Review Submitted: 10/05/08
Name of sender: Keyohn and Kesha
Email of sender: key.matsuda@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Thank you to Charles and your FAMILY..

You are 100 percent puupyland..You went out your way to make sure that egypttian was taken  care of  with her ear infection..And was avaible when needed..Your word is true.Would recommend PUPPYLAND to others that are looking to buy puppys  and other services..AGAIN THANK YOU..





teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 09/12/08
Picture Submitted: 09/12/08

We were so happy to find Puppy Land!  We purchased our Yorkie, Jordan, in April 2007 and he is just the  cutest, sweetest, and EASIEST to house train of all of our dogs!  He is happy and healthy and brings us great joy every day.  The people at Puppy Land were so incredibly helpful.  They let us spend time with the dogs to be sure that we found our perfect match.  In addition, they were very knowedgeable and gave us very useful information about the care of our puppy.  The best thing is...they are not from puppy mills...it is a family run operation, which shows in the care and love that they give the puppies.  Thank you, Puppy Land!  We'll be back!




teacup maltese
Review Submitted: 09/04/08
Picture Submitted: 09/04/08









teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 05/29/08
Picture Submitted: 05/29/08

thanks for sending me the information - attached is a picture of Levi - I purchased him 12/23/07 and he is the best purchase I have ever done - we love him and he a valuable part of our family.
I take him with me everywhere and I am your biggest marketer fort he puppies.

Take care
JoAnn V.




Review Submitted: 05/28/08
Name of sender: Kelly M.
Email of sender: mcgraw91501@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
My husband and I purchased our puppy Ginger, aka puppy #1, on May 18, 2008.
She is the sweetest little dog and is so loved by our whole family!  She is
doing great. After just a week and a half I could not imagine our home
without her!




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review # 2 Submitted: 05/17/08
Picture # 2 Submitted: 05/17/08

Hello Charles, here are some recent photos of Mochi taken at 3months old and 5 months old.  Im sorry I still didnt have time to pick up her papers from you, hopefully we will be able to come to the store soon and pick those up.  Well, Mochi is doing very well, she eats well and the sweetest yorkie ever!!! Thanks again for everything!

Chaz & Family




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 05/13/08
Picture Submitted: 05/13/08

Name of sender: Ellice L.
Email of sender: yors_truely@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hey Charles! I just bought my new puppy at Puppy Land a couple of days ago and he is seriously the most perfect puppy anyone can ask for. He was puppy number five, now named Keigan =].  He's super tiny but he seems very healthy! He is just so adorable thank you for helping us get started with the new puppy also! Thank you for being so nice and helpful during the week and a half that i've been calling you =]

Ellice & Keigan




teacup yorkieteacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 05/12/08
Picture Submitted: 05/12/08

Name of sender: sunni
Email of sender: supersaniya@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi!!! adopted a yorkie from pupplyland on 5/8/08. I named her Laila, shes the cutessss puppy i have ever seen! i love her!!! This place is honestly one of the greatest places to buy a new companion! I defiantly recommend pupplyland to everyone! The service is great! The people that work there are super nice and super helpful! Thank you soooo much for everything! Laila and I are both happpy! =)




teacup maltese
Review Submitted: 03/21/08
Picture Submitted:  03/21/08

I adopted my precious "DDalkki" from puppyland...All I can say is thank you!! Everyone was so warm and sincere.  You can tell that that they truly care for their puppies.  Our Ddalkki is our little sunshine.  She brings joy and laughter into our family.  She has an incredible sweet and outgoing personality.  I thought she'd be very shy and timid but she proved me wrong.  She is very playful and affectionate like no other.  Not only is she playful but very smart!! She learned how to do sit, down, give hand, turn, and wave bye all in one month!! Did I mention she is potty trained!?!?! I cannot be any happier and thankful.  Thank you Puppyland!!


Christine K.




teacup yorkie
Review # 1 Submitted: 03/13/08
Picture # 1 Submitted: 03/13/08

Hi Charles, I would like to thank you for our lil yorkie that we bought from your store 2 weeks ago whom we named mOchi... she's all that we ever wanted.  We took her to the vet and he said  she is a healthy 11 weeks old and 1lb.  Shes eating very well and the potty training is going well.  Im doing exactly what you told me :). Our mini poodle Madeleine loves her as well. I will be visiting your store again and I still need to pick up the papers i forgot at your store. Thank you so much for the time you spent with us and answering all my questions, its great to adopt a puppy from a store that cares so much about their pets.  Here is a recent pic of mOchi taken today...

Chaz and Family




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 03/09/08
Picture Submitted: 03/06/08

Name of sender: Samaya S.
Email of sender: Kandyn_________@___.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

my sister from New York was in Los Angeles Visiting Me...and she brought her dog (dior) who is a teacup yorkie female. i jus fell in love with them instantly...and i said i had to have one. i did a google search for tea cup yorkies in los angeles and happend across the puppy land website. i saw a yorkie female (name is Now CHanel) and i told my boyfriend about her,and he said he would get me one. i showed him the puppland webite and he said he was going to check it out...but to make a long story short he got my puppy on Valentines day and ive been in love with my dog ever since.

 the staff at puppy land are so kind,helpful and professional and really make u feel comfortable from the very minute u walk in. im jus so happy to have my dog and also have great support from PuppyLand. i sent a few pix of Chanel...i will send more soon. Thanx Again To Everyone at Puppyland for being so great and for having such loving puppies..i recomend them with a 5 star rating!!!




maltese princess
Review Submitted: 02/14/08
Picture Submitted: 02/07/08

Name of sender: Annette E.
Email of sender: aeha____i@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I couldn't be happier with my puppy I got from Dean at Puppyland.  She was potty trained just like Dean said.  She has the most adorable personality and she loves everybody.  Dean has always been there to answer all of my questions honestly and I feel as though puppyland is now part of our extended family.  I always refer people to puppyland because when they meet Princess they fall in love with her. 




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 02/12/08
Picture Submitted: 02/12/08

Hi Charles,
Here is a picture of our puppy, "Princess Royce" who we got from you in January 08. She is such a good puppy! Thank you for your patience with me through all of my questions, etc. You were always very professional, and helped us find the perfect puppy for our family. She is healthy and energetic, and almost completely puppy pad trained. She is very loving with our kids, (12, 10, 10 and 3), and they love her! We could not have asked for a better puppy. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Hope you enjoy the picture of her in her first sweater! I would recommend you guys to anyone!
The Castro Family




teacup yorkieteacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 02/07/08
Picture Submitted: 02/07/08

Name of sender: Tania Raymonde (and Lola)
Email of sender: conedogprod@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean!!!

I just wanted to send you a few more pictures of me and LOLA!! She's grown so much now but she's only 2.5 pounds and hasn't grown at all since 1 month. Now she almost walks on a leash and she's a little monster! Everyone loves her (she's the best, and her hair is extremely blonde.) Here are some more pictures you can put on the website.

Thanks so much for everything




Review Submitted: 02/05/08
Picture Submitted: 02/05/08

Name of sender: Karen & Yves
Email of sender: karen.g______@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Puppyland LA is a great place to get a puppy :) when my fiance and i first walked into the puppy shop we knew we wouldn't be able to walk out the shop without getting the adorable puppies they have there. I highly recommend puppyland LA to anyone who is trying to get a puppy my fiance and i are located in San Jose California and drove the 5 hr trip to get our little one who we named "KODIE". He is fun spunky and such a happiness to my fiance and i we certainly couldn't imagine our life without our little one :). And Dean is a very helpful and supportive person anytime we have questions he is always there to answer them i have never seen breeders who are so helpful and passionate about what they do. My fiance even wants to go back and get another puppy from puppyland LA but later :) as for now we are more than happy with our "KODIE"






teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 01/22/08
Picture Submitted: 02/07/08

Name of sender: Paula
Email of sender: p____@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I bought my yorkie puppy, Zeus, from PuppyLand and haven't regretted the decision for even a second. Zeus has truly enriched my life and I couldn't imagine having a better experience than I did with Dean and PuppyLand. From everyone else's testimony, it's clear that I wasn't the only one who thought I'd emailed Dean's ear off with question after question -- and just like with everyone else, Dean never hesitated to be available, informative, and accommodating to me. His 24-hour service speaks for itself.

When I first picked Zeus up, he was tiny but fully of life and very active. He's grown to be even stronger (still tiny, but now he's 2.25 pounds!) and has a great personality -- he's curious, charming, sweet, rambunctious, playful and smart.

I would highly recommend getting your puppy from Dean at PuppyLand. Thanks, Dean




Review Submitted: 01/17/08
Name of sender: carolina
Email of sender: c___to_____@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean!

Haven't spoken to you in a while but I wanted to touch base and let you know how much I miss you and our long lunches together.
I am slowly recovering from my depression over the theft of my teacup maltese Lizabeth. I am extremely grateful for your help in finding me another teacup maltese who has never been sick in her life and who is a very happy and sweet dog. She is also the light of my life! You and your mother have been very supportive and went beyond the norm in helping me. You have done everything in your power to ensure my happiness and for that I will forever be grateful.
I look forward to seeing you again soon and hope your doing well.

See you real soon,




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 01/14/07
Picture Submitted: 01/14/07

Dear Puppy Land,
Our Teacup Yorkshire Terrier, Totoro, is so cute! She's our very first indoor puppy and she's everything we dreamed of and more. She loves to nap in the sun, play fetch, and to chew on her toys. She runs around the house a lot and wrestles with us. She may be tiny but she's feisty in a really cute way. It's funny when she growls a little when we wake her up from a nap or when she's chewing on toys. My younger sister is only 5 years old and she loves Totoro so much. She wants to carry her everywhere. We want to teach her tricks but unfortunately she's too young to learn any yet but she's pretty good with the wee wee pad. Another adorable thing about her is that she doesn't want to lose to anybody. She won't give up trying to fight (play) with other puppies no matter how much bigger they are. Well, thank you so much for our perfect new family member!
Mary, Dave, Allison and Clara K.




teacup yorkie
Review # 2 Submitted: 01/09/08
Picture Submitted: 01/09/08

Name of sender: Kiani
Email of sender: kiani__@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean,

I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that Bella is doing great. She has adapted very well and was comfortable in our house from day one. She is extremely playful and I can't imagine having a different puppy. Thanks again for all your help and I appreciate your patience with all my questions. Sorry there were so many. I just want to make sure I am doing the best I can for our new puppy. She is also pretty much potty trained (thanks to you guys sending her this way) and has only missed 2 times since we have had her which surprises everyone. She is actually on the pad when she misses, she just doesnt realize her butt isnt. lol. But overall, we are heading off to a great start. Thank you so much again and I would definitely recommend you guys if anyone wants a puppy. I also get so many compliments on how small and cute she is and how great shes doing on the potty pad.

Take Care,




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 01/06/07
Picture Submitted: 01/06/07

Name of sender: Vanessa and Brandon
Email of sender: vanessa___@_____.net
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
After getting a great referral from one of our friends who bought 2 yorkies from puppyland, we decided to get our puppy from here. We bought a little boy Yorkie and decided to name him Mochi. He has been pretty easy to potty train and at 2 months, he was already learning how to sit and lay down on command! Also, he never barks at night...which surprises most people. He's just over 3 months right now and we have so much fun playing with him and teaching him new tricks. 
Puppyland has been great with helping us take care of Mochi, especially with his ear mite problem. We've been taking Mochi down for ear checkups at least 1-2 times a week and they have been nothing short of helpful. Mochi is feeling so much better because of that. Thanks Dean! We love our adorable little boy.




teacup yorkie
Review # 1 Submitted: 01/02/08
Picture Submitted: 01/09/08

Name of sender: Kiani T. B.
Email of sender: kiani__@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

I just want to thank you and your wonderful aunt for such a great experience. I appreciate you answering our hundred and one questions ( I am sure we drove you crazy the first few days) and for always being so patient with us. I also appreciate you taking care of Bella while we were away in San Diego. I will definitely recommend PuppyLand to all my friends and family. Take care of little Daisy (first pup) and keep me posted on her as well. See you in a couple of weeks for her grooming. Thanks again....

Kiani, Artii and Mialee




teacup maltese
Review Submitted: 12/28/07
Picture Submitted: 02/14/08

Name of sender: David K. M.
Email of sender: hillstc___@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Charles,
Just wanted to drop you a note and "Thank You" for making my daughter the happiest little girl on Christmas. She absolutely loves the Maltese, and the puppies personality is winning us all over.
You made the purchase an easy one and thus far your customer service "Rocks".
No worries I will stop asking ?'s soon, but you always have the answers.
We look forward to many many years of joy with this little one and when we are ready for a male you can bet we will go nowhere else but you guys.
Thanks again and Happy Holidays to your whole family.




Review Submitted: 12/28/07
Name of sender: Julie
Email of sender: kj_k______@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I just bought my toy/teacup male maltese from here two days ago. I stopped by PuppyLand on Olympic after visiting 5 other puppy stores in K-town. I only intended on browsing, but after I met Mochi, I couldn't resist his peppy fearless personality. He's like a bunny. He hops all over the place! And he doesn't bark. It's so hard to not play with him since he's so cute! Everyone that's met him has also fallen for him. He initially peed on the floor when I first saw him. And I almost didn't pick him because of that, but I'm sure now that I made the right choice.

I am so happy with my purchase. Charles answered all my questions and gave me ample time to get to know the pup. He did not pressure me at all. I felt very comfortable and welcomed. He gave me directions on how to feed Mochi and what to expect. His advice really helped since this is my first dog. Charles Aunt treated him like her baby when we went back to pick up some supplies. Mochi still remembered her and followed her to the grooming room. I called the hotline for advice and Dean was very helpful, too. Overall, I feel happy with my decision to purchase a dog from PuppylandLA. They gave a reasonable price, start-up supplies, priceless advice, and reassurance that I can call them for help if needed. Thanks for a great new addition to my family!


Mochi and Julie




Review Submitted: 12/10/07
Name of sender: Sana
Email of sender: fe____mom@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
We bought our puppy on November 23, 2007, and so far we have enjoyed every min. She is active and alert, loving and outgoing. She has a wonderful lush coat, and best of all, she came partially housebroken. We have named our puppy Layla, and she is beautiful. We would reccomend Puppy Land to one and all. Thank you so much Dean.




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 11/29/07
Picture Submitted: 11/30/07

Name of sender: Eunie & John
Email of sender: eunie____@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean,

I would like to say that finding my perfect puppy at Puppland is one of the best decisions I've made. The first day I came to see you I was not sure if I would find the puppy I wanted. I did not feel pressured to purchase a puppy that day and you assured me that the perfect puppy will come one day. 

The next week I saw a puppy on your site that I wanted to see. I went there and he was the one! You answered all the many questions I had and are by far very knowledgable in anything about puppies. 

I was very impressed when you helped me when my puppy became sick. Your 24 hour service is amazing. I called you immediately when he was sick and you guided me on what to do. Soon my puppy got better and he is better than ever!

I would highly recommed everyone to purchase their first puppy, like myself, or another puppy for their family from Puppyland! I will come back for my second puppy in the future. Chocco thanks you for finding him a great home too!

Thank you so much, Dean!

Eunie, John, & Chocco




teacup maltese
Review Submitted: 11/15/07
Picture Submitted: 11/15/07

Hi Dean,
Sorry it has taken a while to respond. I tried to go on the website to write a review but I wasn’t successful. We finally have a name for our little Maltese – his name is PJ (Probie Jr.). We love him a lot. He is so very playful and entertaining! I am attaching a couple of pics of PJ as you requested. Thanks again for everything.
Love, Karen




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 11/11/07
Name of sender: Jill & Ben, and Hank!
Email of sender: _____cheezie@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hey Dean, it's Ben and Jill, we bought our yorkie puppy about 3 weeks ago. We named him Hank and he's doing wonderful! Eating regularly, going on his pads, and staying out of trouble. We've been raving about Puppy Land LA to all our friends and hopefully we'll be sending some business your way. You guys are the best. Hank has been almost perfect with his potty training thanks to your training and "play pen/house". 

Thanks again Dean, you guys rock! - Ben & Jill & Hank




teacup maltese
Review # 2 Submitted: 10/14/07
Picture Submitted: 10/11/07

Name of sender: Mey & Raymond
Email of sender: maryms___@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean!
We wanted to thank you for helping us find the perfect Maltese. Our baby, Milo is absolutely adorable and we can't find a better Milo! You have such a very good knowledge about Maltese and Yorkies. We wanted to thank you for allowing us to learn from your knowledge. We would highly recommend your shop to anyone. We know you guys will always provide the best pups. We just can't thank you enough. We will be back soon for another pup.
-Mey & Raymond




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 10/14/07
Name of sender: Brandy
Email of sender: brandy_____@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
i bought my baby Choxie from you guys about a month ago and she is healthy. she loves to play has the most adorable personality. shes scared to take drives in the car but it must be because she is so tiny. your store was everything i imagined it would be. it was really clean lots of puppy stuff and lots of cute puppies...here are some pictures of our ChoxieTequilaTrixy:::




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 09/26/07
Picture Submitted: 09/26/07

Name of sender: Renee J.
Email of sender: areneej_____@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I have been coming to puppyland for 4 years. I have adopted a teacup poodle and yorkie from the pet store. The people are friendly, informative and honest. When I take my dogs out I always get complements from people about how great they look and well behaved my dogs are. I then refer them to go and adopt a beautiful & lovable companion in doggy form from puppyland. I take my dogs to be groomed there and they do a wonderful job. I give them 5 star and an A+.




maltese milo
Review # 1 Submitted: 09/20/07
Picture Submitted: 09/20//07

Name of sender: Mey & Raymond
Email of sender: maryms___@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hey Dean! Thanks for the wonderful transaction and knowledge of your pups. I am very pleased with the amount of information you know. We absolutely adore our lil guy. We named him Milo. He's such a playful lil guy! I cant thank you enough for him. I will be sending pictures soon because he got into a little accident, so he isn't looking too good right now. We will be back to get a yorkie in the near future. Thanks again for everything!




Review Submitted: 09/20/07
Name of sender: Sherry & Ian
Email of sender: iky_____@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
No doubt about it...PUPPYLAND has the cutest and the healthiest puppies... we got our lil' boy yorkie in June and since then, he has been nothing but pure joy and bliss...we are seriously considering adding another lil yorkie buddy to our family and of course, we will get it from PUPPYLAND...much gratitude to the PUPPYLAND family esp. to Dean for being very helpful in answering all our questions!




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 09/17/07
Picture Submitted: 01/08/07

Name of sender: Hannah S.
Email of sender: hannah____@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------

The airport took a long time last night. We ended up waiting over an 
hour for personnel to help us at the counter. We didn't get home 
until after midnight and I was beat, so thats why you didn't hear 
from me until this morning.

When we got her at the airport she was energetic! She is nothing like 
our other yorkie who is scared of everything. She has no fear. She 
didn't whine through the night which surprised me. She loves our 
other dogs. Overall she is adjusting 100 times better than I thought. 
From her demeanor you can tell she was very loved and came from a 
wonderful place. Out of all the dogs I have this is the first one 
that has been this at ease, friendly, happy, and accepting of a new 
environment. I can honestly say you are by far the best breeders and 
I will be back again!!!

Thank you for answering all of my questions, and thank you for our 
wonderful little addition! I can't believe she's actually here!
Thank you again. I will be sending pictures when she gets a little 

Have a wonderful day!
Hannah S.




Review Submitted: 09/14/07
Name of sender: sYLVIE
Email of sender: YAR_____@_____.COM

------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Hi Dean and Julie - Our little one is doing really good. Thank you so much. We love her and are looking forward to coming back and purchasing a little sister or brother for her. You are terrific and we would recommend you to antone who is looking for a beautiful Yorkie.


P.S. Took some photos today and will foward soon




Review Submitted: 09/10/07
Picture Submitted: 09/20/07

Name of sender: Cinthya A.
Email of sender: violingirl______@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I am very happy with the new dog we purchased at this location. It is a wonderful dog very calm and potty trained. My family is very happy to have bought this dog. We recently got it and we do not regret it.

The service we recieved at Puppy Land was great. Very friendly and respectful. We got a great price and supplies.

Thank you so much.




teacup yorkie
Review Submitted: 09/08/07
Picture Submitted: 09/26/07

Name of sender: Denise
Email of sender: dm_____@_____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Puppy Land is the most loving and knowledgeable place to find an extremely cute, happy puppy to love. I got my Yorkie last week and she is a complete joy to our entire family. At 1 pound 14 ounces she is already spoiled with lots of toys and completely running the house, but we love her sooooooo much. Thank You Dean & Puppy Land. We Proudly Announce the Newest Addition To Our Family " Princess Tinka".




Review Submitted: 09/06/07
Name of sender: Eugene P.
Email of sender: eugene.l__.p___@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
I would highly recommend buying your puppy here. They really know what they are talking about and does not feed you lies about their dogs like other places in Koreatown. Puppyland is very knowledgeable about puppies in every way. Also their service is beyond great always willing to help. I had just bought a yorkie and thinking about buying another one!

Eugene P.




yorkie yorkie
Review Submitted: 09/01/07
Picture Submitted: 09/01/07

Name of sender: Rose & Jeni
Email of sender: rminda__@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
Puppyland is the best place to get your pups!! Nothing but love joy from these puppies. I adopted my puppy last May and my daugther adopted hers 2 weeks later. Dean has been so wonderful, very knowledgeable and his assessment of their demeanor is right on!! 

Well, guess what, 3 months later, I went back to Puppyland and adopted our 3rd Yorkie. We now have 3.. (Jinki, kerby and Pepsi, our youngest). They are all very loving, playful and healthy.

I recommend Puppyland anytime to anyone looking for love from these little wonderful yorkies.

Thanks Dean..

Rose & Jeni



Review Submitted: 08/21/07
Name of sender: Mercie
Email of sender: mercie___@____.com
------------------------- COMMENTS -------------------------
We got our puppy in July a male yorkie, we named Tyke, he is so cute and full of life, he is wonderful with my grandkids, we could not be happier Just wanted to thank you so much for selling us such a wonderful puppy will send you pic as soon as i can load them into the computer





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