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Review Submitted: 11/29/07
Picture Submitted: 11/30/07
Name of sender: Eunie & John
Email of sender: eunie____@____.com
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Hi Dean,

I would like to say that finding my perfect puppy at Puppland is one of the best decisions I've made.  The first day I came to see you I was not sure if I would find the puppy I wanted.  I did not feel pressured to purchase a puppy that day and you assured me that the perfect puppy will come one day. 

The next week I saw a puppy on your site that I wanted to see.  I went there and he was the one!  You answered all the many questions I had and are by far very knowledgable in anything about puppies. 

I was very impressed when you helped me when my puppy became sick.  Your 24 hour service is amazing.  I called you immediately when he was sick and you guided me on what to do.  Soon my puppy got better and he is better than ever!

I would highly recommed everyone to purchase their first puppy, like myself, or another puppy for their family from Puppyland!  I will come back for my second puppy in the future.  Chocco thanks you for finding him a great home too!

Thank you so much, Dean!

Eunie, John, & Chocco






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