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Review Submitted: 01/06/07
Picture Submitted: 01/06/07
Name of sender: Vanessa and Brandon
Email of sender: vanessa___@_____.net
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After getting a great referral from one of our friends who bought 2 yorkies from puppyland, we decided to get our puppy from here. We bought a little boy Yorkie and decided to name him Mochi. He has been pretty easy to potty train and at 2 months, he was already learning how to sit and lay down on command! Also, he never barks at night...which surprises most people. He's just over 3 months right now and we have so much fun playing with him and teaching him new tricks. 
Puppyland has been great with helping us take care of Mochi, especially with his ear mite problem. We've been taking Mochi down for ear checkups at least 1-2 times a week and they have been nothing short of helpful. Mochi is feeling so much better because of that. Thanks Dean! We love our adorable little boy.






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